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Java 8: 10+ features

July 11th, 2016 No comments

Oleg Tsal-Tsalko, Lead Software Engineer @EPAM

If you are using Java 8, there is no excuse not to use all the great new language features this platform offers you. Simple switch to JRE 8 might give slight increase in performance of your application due to numerous continuous platform optimizations, however with Java 8 you can experience real boost in engineering productivity and code efficiency.

Use Stream API

Stream API – is not a data structure or a collection, it is an abstraction which allows building operations pipeline over sequence of data elements. By using Stream API, you can build a simple and logical chain of operations. A very important feature of Java 8 is that you can use internal parallelisms. For example, if you need to parallelize a particular operation, writing even the simplest code without using the parallel stream would be doomed to writing lots of code using directly ForkJoinPools, ExecutorServices, and other low level concurrency mechanisms. This used to make the process of writing a code more complicated. In addition, Stream API makes it more convenient to use functional programming in Java. Read more …

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Hadoop & DistributableStream на JUGUA (5 августа)

July 30th, 2015 No comments

Коллеги, приглашаем Вас на летнюю встречу JUG UA

Дата: среда, 5 августа, с 19:00 до 22:00
Адрес: ул. Кудряшова, 14-б (кафетерий), офис EPAM Systems

Программа встречи


– Hadoop: Запусти слона (Yaroslav Yermilov)

Ккак можно взять и с нуля запустить и попробовать что-то интересное с Hadoop.

– Java 8 Collectors and Reducers properties, DistributableStream (Andrii Rodionov)

Java 8 предоставляет ряд готовых реализаций Collectors and Reducers, но о чем необходимо помнить чтобы написать свою реализацию. DistributableStream – можно ли сделать выполнение операций в Stream-е не только параллельным, но и распределенным.

Активных участники встречи, как обычно, ждет 2 лицензии от JetBrains.