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Workshop: Microservices with Spring Cloud by Orkhan Gasimov

January 14th, 2018 No comments

Date: February, 10-11
Venue:, Kharkiv

Registration and details

Воркшоп проведёт Орхан Гасымов – разработчик-архитектор с профессиональный опытом 15 лет специализирующийся на разработке распределенных приложений.


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Kharkiv JUG UA Meetup #9 with Orkhan Gasimov

December 19th, 2017 No comments

When: 8th of February, 18:30 – 21:30 (UTC+02)
Where: Fabrika Space, Blagoveshchenskaya str. 1 (Kharkiv)


To join live streaming


  • Refactoring Monolith to Microservices (Orkhan Gasimov)

– Monolith vs Microservices
– Refactoring Practices
– Packaging Practices
– Anti-pattern: Distributed Monolith

  • Fault Tolerance in Distributed Environment (Orkhan Gasimov)

– Cascading Fails & Blocked Resources
– N-Modular Redundancy & Recovery Blocks
– Circuit Breakers & Error Kernel Pattern
– Instance Healers

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JavaDay UA 2017

July 13th, 2017 No comments

Каждый раз хочется сказать, что в этом году у нас была самая лучшая программа, но приходит новый JavaDay и оказывается, что программа превосходит предыдущий год!

Хоть доклады и спикеры еще не анонсированы, но вот пока небольшой список, тех кто будет на JavaDay UA 2017:

  • Sam Newman – автор книги “Building Microservices”, коллега Мартина Фауллера по ThoughtWorks. Sam так же проведет отдельный тренинг по микросервисной архитектуре для Solution Architect
  • Simon Ritter – работал developer advocate в Sun Microsystems и Oracle, а сейчас CTO в Azul Systems
  • Mete Atamel и Robert Kubis – developer advocate-ы в Goggle. Robert расскажет про уникальную распределенную и отказоустойчивую ACID SQL DB разработанную в Google –  Cloud Spanner (которая одновременно обеспечивает почти все три свойства CAP-теоремы)
  • Chris Thalinger – Twitter, расскажет про Graal VM – new JIT Compiler and Polyglot Runtime for the JVM
  • Stéphane Nicoll (Spring Boot), Spencer Gibb (Spring Cloud), Christoph Strobl (Spring Data) – разработчики Spring из Pivotal.
  • Clement Escoffier – Red Hat, один из основных разработчиков Vert.x. Проведет 2х-часовой тренинг по Vert.x
  • Burr Sutter и Edson Yanaga – Java Champions и эксперты из Red Hat
  • Arun Gupta – Amazon, входит в “Top 20 Java influencers of 2017”
  • Nitsan Wakart – признанный в мире эксперт по Java Performance
  • Baruch Sadogursky и Evgeny Borisov – уже традиционно ;)

Всего же на мероприятии будет около 50 спикеров и 60+ докладов.

Дополнительно подтверждены 2 тренинга:

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Dnipro JUG UA meetup #1 | 27th of April

April 17th, 2017 No comments

When: April 27th, 18.00-22.00

Where: Dnipro, 37 Chernyshevskogo street (Coworking Hub)

Price: free after registration

Agenda: Read more…

OOP Java Puzzlers by Yegor Bugayenko at JUGUA (February 28)

February 17th, 2017 4 comments

Dear friends, we are happy to announce our next JUG UA and EPAM joint meetup with Yegor Bugayenko (

Our all-time partner EPAM provides everyone with a possibility to join this event online. Also, EPAM will hold a draw with some nice prizes among those registered and attended this this event.

Date: February 28, 18:30 – 21:00
Venue: “Olympic Hall – Vokzalnaya”, Vasylia Lypkivskoho St, 3, Kyiv


  • OOP Java Puzzlers (RU) (Yegor Bugayenko) video

We all know what puzzlers are — the speaker presents a problem and the audience has to solve it, and we move on to the next problem. At this meetup we will look at Java from an object-oriented point of view and try to solve object-oriented problems in real Java code. This format of discussing OOP in Java will be used for the first time, don’t miss the show!

Clean Tests / JDK changes at JUGUA (February 23)

February 13th, 2017 1 comment

Dear friends, after a long break, we are happy to announce our next JUG UA meeting.

Our all-time partner EPAM provides everyone with a possibility to join this event online.

Date: February 23, 18:40 – 22:30
Venue:  “Olympic Hall – Vokzalnaya”, Vasylia Lypkivskoho St, 3, Kyiv


  • An Obsessive Compulsive Guide To Clean Tests (EN) (Noam Almog, Tech Lead @Wix) video

TDD isn’t news, and most everyone agrees that writing tests (before, during or after implementation) is valuable. Hardly anyone agrees on what good, clean tests look like, though; if your tests are a live specification of your codebase, don’t they deserve the same care and attention as your production code?

This talk focuses on how to keep your tests readable, simple and maintainable. Specifically we’ll discuss how the “given-when-then” pattern affects the way you factor your code, and showcase the remarkable differences between a sloppy specification and a well-factored one.

Moderate experience with testing is expected; knowledge Scala might be helpful but is not required.

  • JDK changes behind the scenes (Igor Dmitriev, Software Engineer @Very Good Group) video

We have been using Java 7 and 8 for a long time, there are a lot of new features, like Stream API, Lambdas, Optional, New Data/Time API, Default methods, etc. But there are so many small improvements as well, which go without attracting attention. In my experience many developers don’t even know about these changes. And I am going to change this situation.

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Kharkiv JUG Meetup #3

February 3rd, 2017 No comments

At this meetup we will talk about the capabilities in Java for non-blocking programming, basics and purpose of asynchronous framework Netty, and refactoring to functional style with Javaslang.

Attendance is free but you need to register to be able to attend this event.

Date: February 9, 2017
Venue:, Blagovischenska Steet 1, Kharkiv



  • “Mutation testing for #Java”
    Maksym Bruner, Solution Architect EPAM Ukraine
  • Refactoring to functional style with Javaslang
    Mykyta Pavlenko, Software Engineer EPAM Ukraine

Detailed descriptions of topics are by the link:

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The Game of Java!

January 20th, 2017 No comments

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]

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GWT & Angular / Get Reactive with Spring 5

October 26th, 2016 1 comment

gwt_springDear friends, just after one month after JavaDay Kyiv conference, we are happy to announce our next JUG UA meeting

Date: November 16, 18:40 – 22:00
Venue: EPAM Systems, Kudryashova 14B (Cafeteria)



  • GWT & Angular: Relatives or Foes (Eugene Kotsiubynsky, Software Engineer @GlobalLogic) presentation, video, src

– What are GWT and Angular
– Why these tools appeared
– What do they have in common
– Who rules
– The future of GWT or “Is GWT dead?”

5 Spring – the tool that is over 13 years pleases our hearts and eyes of customers. Despite this long history of development the project continues to follow the latest trends and provides to developers the awesome set of add-ons that simplify the daily life.
During this tech-talk, I would like to discuss delicacies which were cooked by developers from Pivotal and how Reactivity reflected on the 5th iteration of the framework.

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Андрей Родионов, лидер JUG UA: «В Java всегда есть куда стремиться»

October 26th, 2016 No comments

JUG_logoЧем живет сегодня язык программирования Java и какие тренды определяют путь в профессии для украинского Java-разработчика? Как влиться в сообщество программистов и стать полноценным участником профессиональной тусовки? Об этом рассказывает Андрей Родионов, ведущий специалист по Java и лидер Java User Group UA.

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