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Kharkiv JUG UA Meetup #7: chat bots & SQL driver

September 19th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

When: 21th of September, 18.30 – 21.30

Where: Fabrika.space, Blagovischenska Steet 1, Kharkiv


Speakers and talks

  • Viacheslav Kolbasin, Lead Software Engineer @EPAM

Topic: “Voice chat bot? It is easy with Amazon Alexa!”

This topic will be about how to create a voice chat bots using Amazon Alexa. We will discover how Alexa Voice Service and Amazon Echo device work and will try to create a simple chat-bot.

Also, we will discuss advanced topics like session, authorization and home cards. In addition, we will discuss how to use Alexa to create multi-modality bots and other applications with voice user interface.

About speaker: Viacheslv has been in IT for 10+ years. Currently he holds the position of Lead Software Engeneer in EPAM. Viacheslav participated in various types of projects in different domains including R&D projects in telecommunication and medical diagnostic, legacy ones.

  • Oleksiy Dyagilev, Chief Software Engineer

Topic: “How we built SQL driver for in-memory data grid”

How we built ANSI SQL compliant driver for distributed in-memory data grid with a help of Apache Calcite. How to use query optimizer to transform relational algebra in order to push the computation to the data. Challenges running distributed JOINs.

About speaker: Oleksiy helps companies to build a better software. During recent years he is particularly focused on scalable computing and data grids. Oleksiy can be found blogging at http://dyagilev.org/.

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