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Hibernate & Multithreading talks at JUGUA (April 20th)

JUG_logoDear friends, we are happy to announce our next JUG UA meeting
Date: April 20, 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: EPAM Systems, Kudryashova 14B (Cafeteria)


  • Agenda

– Hibernate performance tuning (Igor Dmitriev) (video, slides)

Nowadays, almost every Enterprise application uses Hibernate and as we know, DB could be a bottleneck in the application. Furthermore incorrect uses of ORM frameworks can lead to performance problems.
In my talk, I will cover:
1. How to measure and increase performance
2. About different optimization techniques and effective practices
3. About pitfalls and bugs
4. Hibernate tuning techniques
5. How some Hibernate features work under the hood
My talk will be based on my own experience, and I’ll show developers’ common mistakes.
This talk will be useful both for beginners and professionals alike.

– Multithreading in Java past & present (Yevgen Polukov) (video, slides)

In this talk I’d like to give you an overview of java.util.concurrent package and represent useful Java concurrency tools. I’ll cover the core functionality and the state-of-the-art API (Executors, Accumulators, StampedLock  etc).
In addition, I would like to show some ways of its implementation. As we know, the presentation has no worth without examples, so there will be some of them during the talk.

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