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Coda Hale, Improve yourself at JUGUA (21 мая)

May 13th, 2014 No comments

DukeКоллеги, приглашаем Вас на встречу JUG, на которой будет репетиция докладов от компании EPAM Systems перед конференцией JEEConf

Дата: среда, 21 мая, с 19:00 до 21:30
Адрес: ул. Кудряшова, 14-б (кафетерий), офис EPAM Systems

Программа встречи

–  The way to know how your app is really perform with metrics by Coda Hale (Izzet Mustafayev)

Nowadays when developers required to be aligned with operations it’s quite important to have common understanding of how application is performing in production. I believe quite small amount of developers are really care/think about operation of the app. In this talk I’m going to describe how it’s easy to provide performance information of application in production with Metrics by Coda Hale and to share practical use cases.

– Improve yourself through practice (Oleg Tsal-Tsalko)

In this talk I would like to raise a question of how to become better developer, how to improve yourself and how important practice is? I will explain what Kata/Dojo is and what it gives you? I will share my experience and show one of the classic Kata’s solution going through red-green-refactor cycle repeatedly.

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