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Java One 2012

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This year JavaOne lasted for 5 days. Every day was full of technical sessions, BOFs (Birds of a feather), community events and Hands of Labs.


At BOFs everyone had a great opportunity to take part in discussions, ask questions and give suggestions about future specifications of JavaSE, JavaEE, NetBeans, GlassFish, JavaFX and so on.

A lot of sessions were dedicated to JavaFx platform. Speaking about JavaFx, in halls, there were terminals with conference schedule written in JavaFX and launched on Raspberry PI platform.


It was possible to visit the exhibition between sessions. There also were a lot of interesting talks, contests and people.

There was some community event every night. Among them were NetBeans community party, GlassFish party, JUG leaders party, Google party and so on. At these parties, I’ve met people whom I knew by their blogs, books, and podcasts. It was great to talk with them face to face, ask their opinion about future of Java and other technologies.
For example, it was very pleasant for me to thank Cay Horstmann for his beautiful book.

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What was the most exciting ?
James Gosling’s Liquid robotics project was announced as one of the winners of Java Duke Chose Award. So everyone supposed that James should appear sooner or later. He really appeared on the Community Keynote session on the last day, and made a great talk about Liquid robotics and Java in it.

Also, project Sumatra was presented in this keynote. The project allows running Java applications on GPU.

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