RigaDevDay 2016

January 22nd, 2016 No comments

RigaDevDayA notable conference for software developers will take place in Riga, in March 2016.

The largest software developers’ conference in the Baltics will take place in Riga from 2nd to 4th  of March, for the second year in a row. At least 35 world-famous speakers from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, the Baltic states and Russia will give talks on the most relevant topics in the IT industry.

Featured speakers include Robert Nyman (Google, Sweden), Jessica Rose (DreamFactory, UK), Quentin ADAM (Clever Cloud, France), Oracle representatives Chris Saxon (UK), Dalibor Topic (Germany), Grant Ronald (UK), as well as Andres Almiray (Canoo Engineering AG, Switzerland), Gill Cleeren  (Ordina, Belgium), Anton Arhipov (ZeroTurnaround, Estonia), Claus Ibsen (Red Hat, Sweden) and many more.

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Apache Drill and Apache Spark at JUGUA (December 16th)

December 6th, 2015 No comments
Dear friends, we are happy to announce our next JUG UA meeting with great speaker from MapR (Apache Hadoop Distribution) – Tugdual Grall

  • Bio
Tugdual Grall is a Technical Evangelist at MapR, an open source advocate and a passionate developer. He currently works with the European developer communities to ease MapR, Hadoop and NoSQL adoption. Before joining MapR, Tug was Technical Evangelist at MongoDB and Couchbase. Tug has also worked as CTO at eXo Plaform and JavaEE product manager, and software engineer at Oracle. Tugdual is Co-Founder of the Nantes JUG (Java User Group) that holds since 2008 monthly meeting about Java ecosystem. Tugdual also writes a blog available at http://tgrall.github.io

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Org Report: JavaDay Kyiv 2015

December 2nd, 2015 No comments

The 20th anniversary year of Java is coming to an end. The final Java conference of the year – JavaDay Kyiv 2015, organized by JUG UA – took place in Kyiv November 6-7. Attendees heard presentations from 43 speakers from 25 countries, met the leaders and representatives of global Java communities, and raised their questions to the ‘father’ of Java, James Gosling, in an online session.

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Effectiveness and Java-code optimization на JUGUA (4 декабря)

November 23rd, 2015 6 comments

Коллеги, приглашаем Вас на первую зимнюю встречу JUG UA, на которой выступит гость из Одессы Сергей Моренец, автор книги “Development of Java applications” и сайта it-simulator.com

Дата: пятница, 4 декабря, с 19:00 до 22:00
Адрес: ул. Кудряшова, 14-б (кафетерий), офис EPAM Systems


Программа встречи

– Эффективность и оптимизация кода в Java приложениях (Сергей Моренец) видео, слайды

Если мы захотим понять, что такое совершенный (идеальный) код, то одной из его характеристик будет эффективность. Это включает в себя и быстродействие кода, и объем потребляемых ресурсов (память, дисковых, I/O).
Зачастую эффективность отодвигается на второй план, поскольку ее не так просто рассчитать заранее, а также точно определить на ревью кода. В то же время это единственная характеристика, которая затрагивает конечного пользователя наших проектов.
В моем докладе я рассмотрю, что такое эффективность, как ее правильно измерять, мы коснемся мифов об эффективности, которые очень популярны сейчас, рассмотрим примеры эффективного и неэффективного кода, нужной и бессмысленной оптимизации кода.

Активных участники встречи, ждут лицензии от JetBrains.

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Workshop ‘Building REST services with Spring MVC REST, Spring Data REST and Spring HATEOAS’

November 5th, 2015 No comments

Очевидно, что это тренинг про весну, отдых и ненависть. А если подробней, то мы научимся строить REST сервисы с помощью Спринга.

Начём с понимания, что такое REST, какое отношение он имеет (или не имеет) к Веб Сервисам, и почему он хорош.
Обсудим подход HATEOAS и наконец поймем кого он ненавидит и за что.
После этого разберемся зачем нам 3 разные библиотеки для построения REST API в одном Спринге (ответ “а у них всегда так” принимается, но может есть лучше?) и всё таки поймем в чем разница между похожими, но все таки разными инструментами – Spring MVC REST, Spring Data REST и Spring HATEOAS.
Ну, и код. Как всегда, будем писать код.

Тренер: Baruch Sadogursky (http://lanyrd.com/2015/javadaykiev/sdrhbf/)
Дата: 8 ноября
Время: 10:00 – 18:00
Стоимость участия: 3000 грн.
Место проведения: EPAM, Кудрряшева 14б
Регистрация: https://restservices.ticketforevent.com/


Performance testing & Spock на JUGUA (7 октября)

September 29th, 2015 2 comments

Коллеги, приглашаем Вас на осеннюю встречу JUG UA, на которой будет представлен доклад с трех крупных европейских конференций.

Дата: среда, 7 октбря, с 19:00 до 22:00
Адрес: ул. Кудряшова, 14-б (кафетерий), офис EPAM Systems


Программа встречи

– Performance testing: the way to make a true load (Izzet Mustafaiev)

If you heard about web-scale or have a requirement to survive under web-scale or you just would like to prepare your application to handle an X effect this topic is for you. During a presentation you will understand aspects and caveats of performance testing, nuances of performance testing of Java based web applications. As a practical part you will get a brief overview of existing tools and will get a guide of using Gatling as a tool to make a load for your application. Gatling is an open source tool for performance loading written in Scala and provides comprehensive DSL for load scenario specification.

– Spock: live long (code short) and prosper (Yaroslav Yermilov)

JUnit is in the game for a years and can be considered as the most popular Java library ever. But when have you heard about new features in JUnit last time? Isn’t it time to look at something new and modern?
For example, Spock — beautiful and highly expressive testing and specification framework. As many citizens of Groovy world, it’s in the same time highly compatible with existing Java infrastructure and, thanks to Groovy power, has amazingly clean and powerful DSL.
In this talk, we will look at variety of Spock feature and try to find answer how does testing beyond JUnit may look like.

Активных участники встречи, ждут лицензии от JetBrains и билеты на JavaDay Kyiv.

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Dr. Venkat Subramaniam TDD master class

September 13th, 2015 No comments

Many organizations are working hard to be agile. They have mostly mastered the non-technical aspects of agile development, however, the major impediments come from not embracing some key technical practices. Evolving an application requires, amount other things, evolving the design and architecture, but that has risks.

In this workshop, we will focus and learn some key technical practices that will help us evolve applications based on the feedback cycles that agile development heavily relies upon. We will learn design principles and practices that help reduce risk involved often in evolving software. Read more…

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James Gosling will give online talk at JavaDay Kyiv!

September 8th, 2015 No comments

Good news for Java UA Community! JavaDay Kyiv 2015 is one of the best Java events in Ukraine is coming soon.Thanks to…

Posted by Ruslan Synytsky on Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The 5th JavaDay Kiev (6th-7th of November)

August 9th, 2015 No comments

jdAs you know, this year is significant for Java. Our JUG have held JavaDay Lviv and JavaDay Kharkiv conferences devoted to Java’s anniversary.

The time is passing quickly and our team is working hard on the 5th JavaDay Kiev, which will be held in Kyiv on 6th-7th of November.

We already have a bunch of great speakers:

James Gosling, the father of the Java Language, awarded IEEE John von Neumann Medal (* will speak online)
Venkat Subramaniam, Agile Developer, Inc (Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar, an award-winning author)
Arun Gupta, Red Hat (Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar, author of the book Java EE 7 Essentials)
Bruno Souza, Brazilian JavaMan (Java Champion, Java Evangelist)
Marcus Lagergren (member of the Oracle Java language team, co-author of the book Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide)
Maurice Naftalin (Java Champion and JavaOne Rockstar, author of the book Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World)
Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog (developer advocate of JFrog, JavaOne 2015 Featured Speaker)
Mohamed Taman, e-finance (Duke’s Choice Award Winner, Java Champion, author of the book JavaFX Essentials)
Kai Waehner, TIBCO (well-known international IT conferences speaker)
Oleg Shelajev, ZeroTurnaround (Developer Advocate, vJUG Organiser)
Alexey Grishchenko, Pivotal (evangelist and architect of distributed data processing systems)
Patrycja Wegrzynowicz, CTO of Yonita (Java EE researcher, JavaOne 2014 Featured Speaker)
Mikalai Alimenkou (Expert in Java development, JEEConf and XPDays organizer)
Ivar Grimstad, Cybercom (member of the JCP and in the Expert Groups for JSR 371 (MVC 1.0) and JSR 375 (Java EE Security API))
Nicolas Fränkel, Hybris (author of the book Integration Testing from the Trenches)
Alex Theedom (co-author of the book Professional Java EE Design Patterns)
Laurent Doguin, Couchbase (Developer Advocate)
and many more!
Almost all talks are in English!


At Sunday 8th of November, Dr. Venkat Subramaniam (award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., and an instructional professor at the University of Houston) will held “Essence of Agility – The Key Technical Practices” practical workshop.

You are welcome to the 5th JavaDay Kiev conference!

Let’s move the Java world!

O’Reilly Book Discount

August 8th, 2015 No comments

For our JUG members use discount code PCBW and get 50% off most ebooks / videos and 40% off most print books on the O’Reilly shop page.

O’Reilly appreciate honest reviews of his books and videos. If you’re interested in reviewing, submit your request here.